Black Fire Hose Belt

Decommissioned Fire Hose

This unique black belt is crafted from a decommissioned fire hose. The hoses used to make this line of belts come from a variety of fire departments across the United States: each belt comes with a personal card indicating when the hose was decommissioned from which particular fire department (10% of each sale is donated back to them). Before being turned into belts, the fire hoses are extensively cleaned over several days so to restore life to them. No dye is used to color the hoses - that is their natural look. You see, when an equipment operator is delegating where the water needs to go, colored fire hoses allow the operator the ease of selecting where to direct the water.

A belt with history. A belt built to last.

Features + Components

  • Metal Adjustable Buckle
  • Cut-to-Fit Belt (46" one size fits all)
  • Width: 1.5"
  • Made in USA

Wait, How Do I Size This Belt?

In just a matter of minutes, you can customize your belt to fit perfect. You simply put the belt on and find the desired length. Remove the buckle by lifting the tab on the back. Cut the belt with a scissors at the desired length (leave 6" of what we call "holiday slack"), then reattach the buckle and you're all set!

Customer Reviews

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It’s Great!

It’s a cool belt and I’m glad to be reusing something, rather than getting a new one.

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