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About Us

About The Spotted Door

The Spotted Door is an online store dedicated exclusively to products made from recycled + reclaimed materials. Every item is held to one standard: it must contain over 50% recycled content. Just imagine if everything you owned once was something else?




Sustainable + Eco-Conscious Design

Working with eco-conscious designers, craftsmen + innovators, we capture landfill-fated materials to give them a new existence. You can find items made from recycled rubber, or reclaimed wood, or recycled plastic bottles, or hundreds of other recycled materials.



Meet Our Founder



Jason UtgaardDiscerning that lost-function does not mean no-function, Jason Utgaard is focused on designing tomorrow's world using only recycled materials. Growing up working in his family's nationwide chain of retail stores provided an all-encompassing perspective of our culture of unconscious consumption and the impacts of one-way supply chains.

In his TEDx Talk (see it here), Jason details a world made from cigarette butts, worn out jeans, old tires and even dirty diapers. To see beyond trash, he encourages you to conceptualize yourself no longer as a "consumer" but rather as a "temporary user."



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