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Red Fire Hose Dog Leash

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Type: Dog Supplies

Decommissioned Fire Hose

This unique red rubber leash is crafted from a decommissioned fire hose! The hoses used to make these leashes come from the Chicago Fire Department (10% of each sale is donated back to them). This section of fire hose is a rubber material used to connect the fire hydrant to the fire engine. Before being turned into pet leashes, the fire hoses are extensively cleaned over several days so to restore life to them.

A leash with history. A leash built to last.

Features + Components

  • Water resistant + incredibly durable
  • Metal rivets + buckle
  • Approximately 5/8" wide
  • Crafted by hand in Michigan

Size Information (see image of size chart)

  • Small: dogs 10-45 lbs
  • Large: dogs 45+ lbs

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