Designing the future using recycled materials. #loopclosed


Recycled Rubber Simple Wallet

Flat But Not Forgotten

The Simple Wallet made from recycled bike tubes is streamlined for everyday use. It is perfect if you do not like a big thick wallet, or if used as a cardholder dedicated to business cards. Fits up to 10 credit cards and the bill strap holds your cash snug. No two Simple Wallets are exactly alike: each is an original!

From the road to your pocket.

Features + Components:

  • 3 Thread Color Options: Black, Red, White
  • Unique Tread Pattern + Markings
  • Thoroughly Cleaned (your hands/clothing won't turn black)
  • Dimensions: 4.0" L x 2.75" W x 0.5" Thick
  • Made in USA

Sewn by Prisoners. Seriously.

Each piece is sewn by prisoners at the Utah State Prison, which has a full-fledged sewing operation as part of its rehabilitation program. The program has garnered the support of the local community (including local bike and motorcycle shops), coupling local manufacturing with societal improvements by contracting with underserved populations and providing them with a purpose and an opportunity to contribute back to the community.

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