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Lucile Recycled Bike Tube Purse

Bags + Accessories Made From Bicycle Inner Tubes

Meet Lucile. Your new best friend is here. This casual cross body purse has a slim profile and simple lines so she looks good with just about everything. The Lucile's main zippered compartment and exterior slip pocket help keep a wallet, phone, sunglasses, and other important essentials close at hand. Accessorizing with a matching valve stem zipper pull, she's available with either a colorful organic cotton print or grey nylon lining. Like a good friend should, whatever adventures come your way, she'll help you stay organized and be a faithful companion for years to come.

Features + Components

  • Cross body purse with slim profile
  • Durable, highly water-resistant exterior
  • Main zippered compartment and exterior slip pocket
  • Colorful cotton lining
  • Dimensions: 6.5" L x 0.75" D x 8" H
  • Capacity: 39 cu. in. (0.65 L)
  • Weight: 4 oz (113 g)
  • Made in the USA

Made in a Seattle Workshop

While medieval alchemists sought to turn lead into gold, we strive to turn useless stuff like blown-out inner tubes, old seatbelts and advertising banners into useful stuff like bags and wallets. The logos stitched to each piece have a small number in the upper-right corner: the number represents the percent (by weight) of upcycled material that goes into each product. We strive to make this number as high as possible by incorporating as much upcycled material as we can. Show off this mark with pride!

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