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3-Candle Whiskey Barrel Votive

Collections: Candles + Holders

Type: Candle Holders

Reclaimed Whiskey Barrels

Handmade from an authentic High West whiskey barrel stave, this 3-candle votive is the perfect addition to any room or table. The wood is sanded (less so on the top to preserve the natural look of the stave) and is naturally-sealed with a beeswax + olive oil mix (petroleum-free).

Smells like whiskey, looks like whiskey-err, wait a minute...

Features + Components

  • Each wood stave is one-of-a-kind and varies slightly
  • Solid white oak wood
  • Dimensions (avg): 34" L x 2.5" W x 2.5" H
  • Weight (approx): 4 lbs.
  • Handmade, sanded & sealed in Salt Lake City, UT (USA)

Eco-Conscious Design

Having once preserved + protected aging whiskey, the reclaimed wood provides utility as well as a beautiful aesthetic. Practices throughout the process are completed as eco-consciously as possible. The salvaged, previously discarded materials used are brought back to life in each and every inch and built for longevity.

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