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Not exactly straightforward: often when you purchase something, you are generally familiar with what it is. When buying a t-shirt, for example, you probably only care about the size and what the design looks like. But, what if you were offered an identical t-shirt made from coffee grounds? Your reaction would be totally different! – You might ask if it smells, or if it can be washed, or if it itches, or how it was made, or any number of questions because you are now unfamiliar with something that was previously so familiar.

We once carried these sunglasses made from recycled CDs. If you looked at them, you’d think they were just regular plastic sunglasses. I took them to a local farmer’s market and I only sold maybe 1-2 pairs (it was a long day). What I realized was that people needed to be smacked over the head with the message (figuratively speaking) of why these sunglasses were substantially different; otherwise, they just saw some dude selling green sunglasses. I then made a huge sign like this one to the right for the next farmer’s market and the response was incredible!

The sunglasses example highlights one of The Spotted Door's biggest challenges: we offer everyday products, but we need to educate our visitors about the benefits of using {rather unlikely} recycled materials. We will gladly help answer any of your questions (trust me, I asked them all at one time myself). Once you experience one of our products, I know you will – as we said with the sunglasses – start to "see beyond trash."

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Sunglasses Made From CDs


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