We Added Carbon Checkout! - Crowdfunding for Climate Change

July 07, 2016

Carbon Checkout App

CrowdFunding for Climate Change 

What if we all could donate just our spare change to support the environment? We're talking $1.00 or less here folks. Well, we all now can do that thanks to Carbon Checkout!

This new feature of The Spotted Door allows you to round up your order to give change to the environment. For example, if your order total is $26.55, you could round up your order to $27.00 to donate the change of just $0.45.

What this means is that we all can make a difference by making a small donation of what otherwise would be loose change sitting on your dresser (or in between your couch cushions). Your change is pooled with other micro-contributions and invested in renewable energy and carbon capture projects to reduce global carbon emissions.

We then send you a verification code to track your emission reductions, view your personal portfolio and engage with the projects you helped make possible.

 Donate to Renewable Energy Projects with Carbon Checkout


How to Use Carbon Checkout:

After you add an item to your cart, a pop-up will appear that will allow you to check a box to "Give change to the environment" and then select the amount (which defaults to rounding up to the nearest dollar, though you can donate more than that if you would like). That's it! - plain & simple.

Thanks everyone for helping to accelerate the world's transition to renewable energy!

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