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Short Recycled Rubber Basket

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Recycled Rubber Multipurpose Basket

Looking for the perfect hostess gift? Or perhaps a tough little basket to use around the house? The Sydney basket made from recycled tires then is probably what you're looking for. Those brown wavy designs on the outside are completely random owing to the uniqueness of each recycled scrap tire used to make each one. This basket is great for a number of other uses! While unique and stylish enough to be used indoors, this basket is definitely rugged enough for the most demanding outdoor use as well.

Because of the uniqueness of the tires and the manufacturing process, each piece will have its own distinct character, texture, and story.

Features + Components

  • Jobs provided to adults with disabilities
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Extremely durable, easy to clean
  • Dimensions: 6" base, 8.5" opening, 4" tall
  • Made in USA

What Goes Around Comes Around

Though these tires once reached the end of the road, re-inspired designs show that they still have plenty of mileage left on them. With a little creativity and concern for the environment, these tires are getting a shot at a repeat performance.

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