Petunia Tunic Eco-Friendly Top

Collections: Clothing, Women's Clothing

Type: Women's Tops

Beautiful for You. Kind to the Planet.

This pieced tunic mixes things up with contrast colors and solid comfort. The asymmetrical zip-collar and shirt-cut hemline create a casual yet artistic look. Wide cuffs on the sleeves are perfect to wear down or rolled up for ¾ length sleeves. Play with your look by adjusting the front zipper up or down. Front is fully faced so zipper can be worn zipped or unzipped, and the zipper detail continues along the collar edge - little details that make this piece fun to wear!

Clothing Features

  • Fabric: pre-consumer recycled cotton, post-consumer recycled polyester
  • Multiple color options
  • Made in Guatemala

How Your Purchase Changes The World

  • This product is made from Reparel™ fabric in socially compliant facilities in Guatemala. For every item you purchase online, a full week of valuable, life-changing, vocational training is provided to a Santa Cruzeña in need. With your help, the women of Santa Cruz la Laguna will learn the skills they need to support themselves and their families, and rise out of poverty.

Sustainable, Socially-Conscious Fashion

Creating disruptive, positive change in the apparel industry, this clothing is made from 100% recycled materials (pre-consumer recycled cotton and post-consumer recycled polyester). Socially-conscious fashion for those who believe in a better world. A world where honesty, transparency, and sustainability reign. A world where your clothes are made well, look great, and endure.

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