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Milking Tube Dog Toys

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Tug & Pull Dog Toys

Looking for a cool new dog toy? Watch your pup go udderly happy for their Mootugs! Made from rubber inflations (rubber tubes) used on Minnesota dairy farms to milk cows. After the milking tubes are washed and sanitized, they are still left with a cow scent that dogs love. Despite their funny name, Mootugs are not just chew toys: Mootugs are interactive toys designed for tug and fetch. The rubber is flexible and stretchy, yet remains durable for playtime. Mootugs are made by hand in Minnesota and the rubber and rope components are manufactured in the USA. 10% of all Mootugs proceeds are donated to the French Bulldog Rescue Network.

All you have to do is hold the handle while your dog tugs and pulls on the rubber end.

Answers to Fido's Questions:

  • Set includes 2 Mootugs without rope
  • Materials: non-toxic, food grade rubber
  • Dimensions: 12" L x 2" D
  • Made in USA

For Udderly Happy Dogs

Mootugs are durable, eco-friendly dog toys to keep your pooch happy and active! The toys are made using recycled dairy cow milking tubes and dogs just love the unique cow scent (think rubber mixed with milk).

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