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Mantra Recycled Glass Bubble Terrarium

Collections: Flowers + Holders, Home Decor

Type: Planters

Expertly Crafted Recycled Glass Art

The bubble terrarium is made from 100% recycled hand-blown glass and includes potting material, organic succulents (plants are selected from our local supplier and will vary depending on the season) and care instructions. Glass is thick and built to last. Perfect for your home or office, kids as well as all levels of plant enthusiasts will love them. This terrarium is easy to set up and maintain: place it in indirect sunlight and water once a week or as needed.

Features + Components

  • Dimensions (approx): small (3x3"), medium (4x4"), large (5x5")
  • Color: clear glass
  • Handcrafted in Colorado
  • Contact us for custom shapes!
  • Please note: each piece is handcrafted and truly one-of-a-kind. Thus, it may take 1-2 weeks to ship and slight differences from the item pictured here may be evident.

Sourced From Broken Glass Shards



Based in Denver, Colorado, talented glassblowing artist Jessica Schimpf makes stunning glass pieces that she crafts fully by hand. Sourced from broken shards discarded by other local glassblowers (and from her own production), Jessica's mission is simple: create beautiful, hand-blown glass artwork by utilizing innovative green processes paired with traditional glassblowing techniques. Each expertly-crafted piece is a one-of-a-kind creation that makes a vibrant, long lasting addition to any home or office.

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