Grey Short Sleeve Recycled T-Shirt

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Type: Shirts

Made in America Using 6.5 Recycled Plastic Bottles

Soft, comfortable, and stylish, this basic grey t-shirt is a great staple on its own or layered with other pieces - ideal for every season and occasion!
Comfortable and durably light, each t-shirt is made from approximately 6.5 water bottles.

Truly a fine quality shirt made in America using materials sourced in America.

Where exactly is this t-shirt made?

  • Trim tab on sleeve + fabric made in North Carolina
  • Assembled in South Carolina
  • 100% Made in America

Material Features:

  • 50% Recycled Cotton
  • 50% Recycled Polyester
  • 20 Singles Yarn Count
  • Crew Cut Neck

Preserve Fresh Water

Cotton is the most fresh water intensive crop in the world, requiring 22,000 liters to produce 1 kg of cotton. By wearing clothes made
with recycled materials, you are effectively cutting down on the amount of fresh water being consumed in manufacturing.
Each of these recycled t-shirts saves approximately 916 gallons of fresh water.

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